Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns Are One-of-a-Kind!

When You Complete Your Vacation With a Maui Bed and Breakfast – WOW! Â All I can say is, if you’re planing an island vacation to Maui Hawaii, make SURE to stay at a Maui Bed and Breakfast inn! Travelers rave about Maui Bed and Breakfast inns as the perfect addition that puts their vacation OVER THE TOP! You might wonder if there is anything that can really make a vacation in Hawaii better than it already is. Hawaii is the perfect tropical paradise vacation, right? Yes, it’s true, Hawaii is rated as one of the best vacation spots, but you’ll be astounded how staying at a Maui bed and breakfast can make it even better! And I’ll tell you just what makes a Maui bed and breakfast inn so special. Â Hotels are BORING, Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns are ONE-OF-A-KIND! Â In my opinion, hotels are very boring because they’re all the same! Bed and Breakfast inns can be a beach house, a castle, an historic mansion, or even a treehouse! Let me tell you, bed an breakfast inns are never boring! Your Maui bed and breakfast will be a unique, one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget. You may be eating your yummy breakfast in a garden out back, after staying in a sumptuous, wonderful room that’s never boring! Travelers love the home-away-from-home feel of a Maui bed and breakfast inn, and all the extras Maui bed and breakfast inns offer. Â Maui bed and breakfast inns offer lots of extras – hotels don’t! Â One of the main reasons people stay at Maui bed and breakfast inns is because of all the wonderful extras they offer. Just think, you’ll have your own personal tourist guide full of island information, in your friendly host at your Maui bed and breakfast. One thing customers rave about is the amenities available at Maui bed and breakfast inns. They have everything you can imagine for your Maui Hawaii vacation! You name it, beach chairs for a little island beach hopping, snorkeling equip, boogie boards, etc. Maui bed and breakfast inns also have the BEST breakfasts. What a way to wake up on vacation…to your fantastic breakfast awaiting you! You’ll want to tell all your friends about the accommodations at your Maui bed and breakfast, so they can enjoy an OVER THE TOP vacation too! Â Finding the perfect Maui bed and breakfast is FUN! Â It’s easy to find the perfect Maui bed and breakfast…just Google “Maui bed and breakfast inn,” “bed and breakfast Maui,” “Maui B and B,” or “Maui BnB.” I LOVE browsing through the amazing Maui bed and breakfast inns all over the island of Maui. There are wonderful choices in Maui bed and breakfast inns, just waiting for you! Decide which part of the island of Maui you want to stay, search the Maui bed and breakfast inns there, and ENJOY your best vacation ever! Â Book today…your vacation is waiting!

Choose One of Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns

Maui bed and breakfast inns are great places to stay when vacationing in the beautiful state of Hawaii. When planning a vacation, especially to Maui, the first thing that should come into mind is the famous Maui bed and breakfast inns. Maui bed and breakfast inns are small, unlike hotels, and you will need to make a reservation far in advance to insure a spot. You can choose from hotels, resorts, rental homes, or bed and breakfast inns. You will have the best experience in any of the Maui bed and breakfast inns. There is something special about bed and breakfast inns that you cannot feel in big hotels, even though they may have five stars and great rates. Â Maui bed and breakfast inns are very comfortable and cozy. The idea of bed and breakfast inns started in Europe and then made its way to Hawaii. Hawaii is known for their Maui bed and breakfast inns. They are great for a family that had a long travel and wants to unwind and be comfortable without the busy feeling that hotels often have. More people are finding that Maui bed and breakfast inns are the place to stay when in Hawaii. Â A great thing about Maui bed and breakfast inns is that you save money. The cost of the travel is expensive already that you want to save in any way you can without cutting back on the quality of your room. Most of the Maui bed and breakfast inns have internet access, a luxury room with a lock, five stars on their gourmet breakfast, and a great user rating. You will be very happy with the Maui bed and breakfast inns in Hawaii. Â A great thing about Maui bed and breakfast inns is that the owners are locals. They can help you travel to the best local spots and get the most out of your Hawaii vacation. they will tell you about local restaurants that have great rates and good food that you would otherwise not find. Maui bed and breakfast inns will make your stay Hawaii so much better. Â Maui bed and breakfast inns will make your experience in Hawaii very full. The staff in bed and breakfast inns are warm and make you feel wanted, unlike the not so personal customer service of large hotels. You will feel welcome and well taken care of. Most Maui bed and breakfast inns will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable in your room. Â Maui bed and breakfast inns are great places to stay when vacationing in Hawaii. You will not be disappointed with the great customer service you will receive. You will have internet access for your convenience. A gourmet breakfast is served each morning. Maui bed and breakfast inns are known for having a comfortable, clean room for each guest to stay in, They will go out of their way to make each guest feel comfortable. You will feel like you are in five stars hotels for half the cost. Choose any pf the Maui bed and breakfast inns for your next Hawaii vacation.

Bed Breakfast Inns: Creative Design Elements to Attract Customers

In a world filled with cookie-cutter bed and breakfast inns, unique selling points and features have become in demand amongst tourists around the world. By going against the grain and using creative, out-of-the-box design ideas, you can make your bed and breakfast more interesting and more marketable, even during off seasons. All you need are patience, creativity and the diligence to research on design and colour trends. The different pointers below can help you get started on adding more spice and flair to your bed and breakfast inn. 1. Choose different themes for each room. This design idea has propelled boutique hotels to become the most sought-after enclaves for high-end tourists, rock stars and even actors and actresses. Themes can be as simple as a single colour (a predominantly red or blue room) or as wild as an era in time (an elegant 1920s Art Deco room). Choose matching furniture, curtains and bed sheets. You can also decorate the bathroom to match the theme. 2. Choose statement pieces and furniture. Go shopping at antique stores, garage sales or even in boutique shops. Chances are, you’ll find very interesting pieces at affordable prices. A mirror with an ornately carved wooden frame, a black, leather arm chair or even a window ornament made out of peacock feathers can add style and character to any room. Much like stylish accessories can pump up an otherwise staid outfit, statement pieces can liven up your bed and breakfast inn. 3. Use photographs of your neighbourhood or area creatively. Inspire your guests to explore your town by putting up photographs of key areas and spots. Take photographs of your favourite haunts–from secluded beaches to the local fruit market–and print these out in large formats. Place them in frames that match the theme of your bed and breakfast. Guests will surely marvel at these photos and ask you about the places featured there. They also make for great conversation pieces that will allow you to bond with your guests. 4. Make use of plants and flowers. Nothing livens up a room more than verdure and foliage. Put potted plants in the different rooms of your bed and breakfast. Certain plants, such as lemon, eucalyptus and geraniums can sweeten a room without the toxicity of artificial air fresheners. Make an effort to gather fresh flowers every morning and put these in sitting areas, your patio and your dining area. 5. Be creative when you plan or put up lighting in your bed and breakfast. Harsh lighting can be very unflattering. Make sure that you use soft lighting and low wattage to create a homey, comfortable and even romantic ambience. Place accent lighting over key pieces, such as interesting or antique furniture, paintings, photographs and sculptures. Add lamps in sitting areas and bedrooms to give the guests options for lighting. Stand out from the other, more common bed and breakfasts by introducing different creative design elements in your inn. Mood lighting, framed photographs, flowers and plants, as well as thematic rooms and statement pieces can all add to the beauty and character of your bed and breakfast. These elements can also attract more customers to your inn.

Bed and Breakfast Inns – Five Tips to Attract Customers During Lean Months

Like the way the oceans’ tides are predicted by the moon, hotels, resorts and bed and breakfast inns experience the ebb and flow of tourists and visitors during different times of the year. The hot summer months and holidays like Halloween, Christmas and New Year bring in a huge influx of visitors. This, of course, almost always guarantees that your bed and breakfast inn is fully booked for at least a month during peak seasons. But once the summer season or the holidays are over, it’s difficult to try to make money with your bed and breakfast. There are less travelers and even less tourists who make bookings and reservations during off-peak months. There are, however, many ways by which you can attract customers and maybe even make money during these lean months. Fire up your imagination, tap into your creativity and let the following tips inspire you to market and advertise your bed and breakfast to people around the world even after summer. 1.Give substantial discounts on bookings and reservations. There are a lot of tourists, especially college students or backpackers, who travel during lean months because of the discounts many hotels and resorts offer. You can consider giving as much as a 30% discount on rates for your bed and breakfast inn to attract customers. 2.Advertise your bed and breakfast online. Or better yet, create a simple website that people from all over the world can go to check the details of your bed and breakfast. Make sure to include nice photographs, comments from previous visitors, as well as nearby shops, sites and attractions. It’s also good to offer a minimal discount for people who book or reserve through your site. 3.Partner with a travel agent. Most people rely on travel agents to take care of all the gritty details that they’d rather not be burdened with. Look for reputable travel agents who you can partner with, so they can include your bed and breakfast in their travel packages. This way, your bed and breakfast can be marketed to a wider group of people at minimal cost. 4.Look for highlights of your country or your area during the low season. Less crowded beaches, secluded coves and romantic night spots are just some of the highlights that you can boast in your website to attract people to travel to your area and reserve a room in your bed and breakfast even after summer. You can also point out that during off-peak season, there’s less traffic, no noise, and that tourists have the peace and quiet that is non-existent during holidays. 5.Add in nice extras for those who book in your bed and breakfast during the low season. A free romantic dinner? An additional night’s stay? A free guided tour to a popular tourist spot? These can add value to your bed and breakfast rates and can entice people to reserve rooms in your place. Although the bulk of your earnings as a bed and breakfast owner may reach its peak during summers and holidays, you shouldn’t dismiss the off-peak season as an opportunity to earn more. There are already many young travelers who take advantage of the discounts and good rates being offered by hotels and resorts during the low season. You, too, should be able to cash in on this market by using the tips outlined above to help you attract customers to your bed and breakfast inn even during the low months.

Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns; The Best Choice For Lodging

Maui Hawaii is a beautiful paradise filled with beautiful beaches. Maui Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to vacation with your family. Travel to the beautiful island of Maui will be a trip of a lifetime and you are in for a treat! When you are planning to travel to Maui Hawaii, you have a lot of different options when it comes to lodging. Maui Hawaii has a slew of hotels, inns, vacation rentals, and condos. However, the best choice for lodging in Maui, is a Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns. Maui Bed and Breakfast inns offer you the best of Maui Hawaii and will change the way that you think about traveling. Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns have a lot of great qualities and there are lot of great reasons and benefits of why you should choose a Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns. With a Maui bed and breakfast inns, you can see the best of Maui Hawaii. Maui bed and Breakfast Inns are typically ran by the locals of the island. They know the best beaches, the best restaurants, and the best activities to choose from. You will have an in with the locals and you will have the best Maui experience. Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns offer a lot more than big hotels can offer. You will get personal attention and care when staying at a Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns. Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns also offer very accommodating rooms for big families, giving your family a place to gather and to all be together. Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns are also very accommodating and they can offer wheelchair accessible bed and Maui wheelchair accessible options if needed. Staying at a Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns is great for everyone traveling. One great thing about a Maui bed and breakfast inns is that most are located right on the beach. Being right on the beach allows you to come and go as you please. When staying in a big hotel, it can be difficult to have to take all of your things down to the beach for the entire day, not being able to go back to your room so easily. The great thing about Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns, is that some of your family can go to the beach and some can stay, and it is really easy to come back and forth to the Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns. Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns offer internet access and a great complimentary breakfast. If you have internet access, try doing some research on Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns. Online, you can read reviews about the different Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns, you can see how many stars they have received and also the rates for the room. The user rating is important to finding the right Maui Bed and Breakfast inns. If you have never been to Maui Hawaii before, you will be amazed at the sheer beauty of the tropical island. When visiting Maui, you will be spending a lot of time on the beach, so make sure you pack plenty of swim suits and sunscreen! Have fun on your vacation to Maui Hawaii, and have a good time staying at a Maui Bed and Breakfast Inns.

Women Friendly Bed And Breakfast Lodgings

Staying at bed and breakfast lodging is a unique experience. Bed and Breakfast lodging provide the comfort of living at a home.

Most bed and breakfast lodgings are small and privately owned. The owner usually lives in the same home. Normally, bed and breakfast lodging will have only around 5 to 6 rooms, each one of which is uniquely decorated. Each room is designed with the aim of providing the gust with at “at-home” experience.
Service at bed and breakfast lodgings are usually much more personalized than service offered in hotels. The reason for this is that bed and breakfast lodging usually caters to very small groups of people. It is not uncommon for the owner of a bed and breakfast lodging to ask his or her guests what they will like to eat and then prepare a meal accordingly.

Warmth, coziness and good food aren’t the only benefits to staying at a bed and breakfast lodging. Often these bed and breakfast lodgings are located near hiking trails and tourist attractions. Some times, the owners of bed and breakfast lodging operate tours of hikes and tourists attractions and fill their visitors with a lot of local information.
There are a lot of bed and breakfast lodgings run by members of the gay and lesbian communities. A listing of these bed and breakfast lodgings can be found on websites dedicated to these communities as well on online forums.

Once a traveler has picked his or her bed and breakfast lodging, the next step is to make a reservation. As bed and breakfast lodgings are small and usually cater to only around 10 people, rooms are not always easily available and therefore reservations to bed and breakfast lodgings need to be made in advance.
The bed and breakfast arrangement is actually a very old one. At the turn of the 20th century, it was quite common for travelers to request permission to spend the night at a private house rather than an inn. This custom grew into the bed and breakfast industry.

Many modern bed and breakfast lodgings these days consciously seek to recall earlier days. Many of them are remodeled to provide the appearance of Victorian era homes. Rooms in these bed and breakfast lodgings are also filled with antique furniture such as high beds and other craftsman style wooden furniture.

Most bed and breakfast lodging websites provide reservation details and contact information to make this easy. In some cases you can even make the reservation on-line however in most cases you need to call to make a reservation at a bed and breakfast lodging. Travelers making reservations with bed and breakfast lodgings should also be aware of the B&Bs cancellation policy. Unlike hotels, most bed and breakfast lodgings require individuals to cancel their reservation days in advance.

Finding The Perfect Cape Cod Hotel

When you visit Cape Cod, there is certainly no shortage of hotels to choose from. Whether you are traveling alone, with a partner, with family, or as part of a large group, you will have more options than you know what to do with. Luckily, all this variety means that finding and making the right Cape Cod hotel reservations for your visit is something you don’t have to worry about.

All-Inclusive Resorts

If having a lot of amenities included in your stay is important to you, there are a lot of options on the Cape. Whether you want to stay in a modest motel with one pool or are looking for multiple pools, a spa, and some tennis courts, Cape Cod can deliver. For those who favor resort-style lodging, you may want to consider the following hotels:

• Four Points by Sheraton Eastham Cape Cod
• The Mansion at Ocean Edge Resort and Golf Club
• Riviera Beach Resort
• Wequassett Resort & Golf Club
• Red Jacket Beach Resort & Otis Cole Spa

Breathtaking Bed and Breakfasts

While staying at a resort is always fun, it isn’t for everyone. If you’re the type of person who prefers a quiet, more intimate experience, you may want to consider staying at an inn or bed and breakfast. These lodgings are for people who still want a luxurious experience but place value on tranquility, beautiful furnishings, inspiring grounds, and great food. These exquisite accommodations are also excellent choices for people who are looking for a romantic getaway with their significant other:

• The Palmer House Inn
• Skyfield by the Sea Bed & Breakfast (working miniature horse farm)
• The King’s Inne Bed & Breakfast
• Crowne Pointe Historic Inn & Spa
• The Mooring

Large Group Accommodations

If you happen to be traveling with a large family or group, finding affordable accommodations can be a nightmare. Add dining expenses to housing expenses, and you’re probably looking at thousands of dollars. Luckily, there is a solution in the form of cottages that sleep large numbers of people and come with a kitchen. While these hotels tend to be a little more expensive than single rooms, they actually end up saving groups a lot of money. Here are some of the best around:

• Oceanfront Holiday Shores
• Cape Cod Holiday Estates
• Riviera Beach Resort
• Ocean Vista on the Beach
• Even’Tide Resort Motel & Cottages

For the Low-Maintenance Adventurers

For people who view lodging as nothing more than a place to sleep or a base for adventures, consider staying in one of the many budget-friendly motels that dot the Cape. At these establishments, you will find clean rooms, great service, and maybe even a free continental breakfast. A place to sleep without all the fuss of high-end accommodations can be a haven for the hard-core adventurer! Who needs a pool when the ocean is five minutes away!? Here are a few simple, comfortable accommodations:

• Wellfleet Motel & Lodge
• Nantucket Inn
• Olde Tavern Motel & Inn
• Captain’s Quarters Motel & Conference Center
• Hi-Seas “By the Beach”

Wonderful Wedding Accommodations

Besides being a great place to find lodgings for a couple or a family, Cape Cod prides itself on its ability to cater to large groups like conferences and weddings. If you’re considering tying the knot on Cape Cod, you have your pick of amazing vendors, accommodations, and reception centers. To make things really easy, there are some hotels which offer complete wedding packages. These packages usually include a reception venue, a ceremony venue, lodging for guests, and catering. A few hotels that offer wedding packages include the following:

• Red Jacket Beach Resort & Otis Cole Spa
• Dan’l Webster Inn & Spa
• The Villages at Ocean Edge Resort& Golf Club
• Cape Codder Resort & Spa
• Sea Crest Beach Hotel

With this cheat sheet in hand, you should be ready to start making Cape Cod hotel reservations today!

Homer Alaska Bed And Breakfast – The Chocolate Drop Inn

Homer, Alaska is home to the finest log inn, the Chocolate Drop Inn, with a majestic view of Kachemak Bay, Kenai Mountain range and four glaciers, along with “Chocolate Drop Mountain.” Built in 1993, the Chocolate Drop Inn is an 8000 sq. ft. log inn with 5 guest rooms and a family suite that includes private baths and entrances, queen size beds, tv’s and phones. In addition, guests enjoy a recreation room, hot tub and sauna, and hot sumptuous breakfasts featuring fresh seafoods from the Bay.

To get around scenic Homer, Alaska, Jeeps “R” Us Car Rentals is located in the Homer Airport Terminal and specializes in 4 wheel drive vehicles.

While in Homer, enjoy some of the best fishing in Alaska for halibut, salmon, and trout. For the bird watcher, be sure to visit during the week of May 10-13, 2007 for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. Over 100,000 shorebirds pass through this region representing over 25 species from as far away as Asia, Hawaii and South America.

Homer has long been known for it’s abundant bird species, which migrate through the area and create a rush of excitement for birding photographers around the world. Hundreds of species of sea birds and migrating waterfowl move through Homer annually providing amazing spectacles of flight, flash and color. Enjoy a day on the water with a guided birders cruise and experience first hand why Kachemak Bay is such a popular birders destination.

We recommend you carry a daypack with sun tan lotion, camera, binocular, light rain gear, snacks, bottled water, gloves, hat and first aid kit on your birding excursion.

Enjoy your stay at the the Chocolate Drop Inn.

10 Magically Superb Bed and Breakfast Inns

If you’re not very familiar with Bed and Breakfast Inns, there are typically basic similarities between most of them. Whether small or massive, they are usually quaint and very comfortable. Many feature cozy fireplaces, beds with exquisite headboards and posts, spa tubs, large-screen TVs, and polished antique accoutrements. Many of the inns are endearingly rustic or tastefully elegant. Because of these commonalities, I do not list off such details in the following reviews.

1. Rabbit Hill Inn showed up on more than one or two top ten lists of Bed and Breakfasts; this I found to be quite unusual. Most travel writers have strong opinions that differ significantly at times, but some apparently reached a consensus on Rabbit Hill. Nestled in the Northern Vermont mountains, the inn is a perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea, walk the ten acres of wooded trails, or take a dip in the spring-fed swimming pond. At night you can read by the fireplace or gaze up at the stars, which seem more brilliant here than anywhere. You will be treated to a candlelit breakfast with fresh baked treats, apple cheddar crepes or perhaps a cheddar and roasted red pepper egg Napoleon drizzled with sundried tomato anglaise and rosemary potato galette. Whew! That’s a mouthful. And don’t even get me started on their dinners. You have to stay at least once at Rabbit Hill.

2. Napa Old World Inn is right in the middle of the Napa Valley and Sonoma wineries of central California and is comprised of four buildings— the main house built originally in 1874. Napa Inn is known primarily for two things: Friendliness and heavenly food. You are treated better than mom ever treated you. Fresh-baked chocolate cookies greet you upon check-in, there’s a 5:30 p.m. wine and cheese social hour, and then an array of devastatingly decadent chocolate desserts awaiting when you return to the Inn in the evening. Then wake up the next morning to a two-course gourmet breakfast, and then it begins all over again. Come for the featherbeds and warm fireplaces, stay for the food.

3. The Inn Above Onion Creek is located on an 88-acre spread in the hill country of Kyle, Texas. The inn was built in 1994 to resemble a late 1800s Texas homestead, meticulously planned with pampered guests in mind. It is rustic and antique—and extremely comfortable. Trouble is, it’s too easy to be distracted from the beautiful hill views out of every window. What with the Spa, the fresh flowers in your room, the hot breakfast with fresh-squeezed orange juice, the luscious three-course dinners, the romantic extras, it gets a bit difficult to concentrate. But you’ll just have to manage. A great Inn.

4. Belle Hearth is in historic Waynesboro, Virginia, deep in the Shenandoah Valley. The haunting Blue Ridge mountains beckon as well as fine wineries, antique shops, art centers, museums, and the Wintergreen Resort. Breakfast is a fancy Southern affair served on rare china. Fresh fruit and herbs complement homemade biscuits, hot breads, and waffles. The main courses include excellent quiches, breakfast casseroles, and smoked breakfast meats.

5. The Inn at Harbour Ridge is located on the charming Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. There are lots of place to relax: on your private patio, or on the dock, or in the gazebo. There are no less than fourteen golf courses in the area so take your pick and book your tee time. Then after golf have another kind of tea time—one to remember at the Inn. In the evening, take a romantic stroll at the Ha Ha Tonka State Park, and wake up the next morning to a piping hot breakfast.

6. Scarborough Fair B & B is located in the historic Federal Hill area of Baltimore, Maryland. From here, you can have easy access to the city’s most popular attractions. The accommodations are exquisite and so is the food. For snacks, try the Sea Salted Coffee Toffee bars or the Pumpkin Gobs. I must warn you, if you become addicted, I can’t help you. For breakfast, try the Sweet Potato Biscuits, the Vanilla Apricot Scones, the Blueberry Banana bread, or the Sweet Potato Waffles. You’re guaranteed to enjoy your stay at Scarborough.

7. The Berry Patch is near Chocolate Town: Hershey, Pennsylvania. If there is such a thing, it is a majestic log home with antique Victorian charm. Everyone these days seems somehow intrigued with Amish country, and here you are, right in the middle of it. Relax by a trickling pond, stroll the tranquil 20-acre spread, explore the Amish farm country, get pampered by the B & B staff. Fresh snacks are always waiting in your room, and, when you awake, there’s a full, hot breakfast of treats like strawberry-stuffed French toast or Oatmeal Peach muffins just waiting for you.

8. Carriage House at the Harbor is in a little town called South Haven, Michigan where lake breezes blow and a walk on the beach ensures that your appetite is piqued for a bountiful breakfast. Carriage House is obviously very proud of its food. The dishes are featured prominently on their website: Cranberry/Orange and Pecan Scones, Marmalade butter, Crème Brulee French Toast, Sage Sausage, Devonshire Cream, Artichoke Tomato Quiche, Apple Cake, Spinach-bacon Strata, Parmesan Potatoes… Those are just a few items on the list. Sit down and enjoy breakfast while sailboats and yachts skim across the lake just outside the window. Think people enjoy their stay at the Carriage House? Over 85% of guests rebook over and over and over again.

9. In 1777 a wonderfully-appointed Georgian, colonial mansion was constructed and, since the early 1900s, it has operated as a country inn-the Eastman Inn. It’s truly an elegant home, with fourteen guest rooms and great views of the New Hampshire White mountains. Every room is unique, some with the antique claw foot tubs, others with more modern conveniences. You will never enjoy the same breakfast during your stay at Eastman—every morning a new menu is offered. There’s never a complaint about the breakfast either, except that sometimes it keeps one roundly satisfied until dinner. There are summer activities such as hiking and biking and winter activities like cross-country skiing, ice skating, or sleigh riding. You owe it to yourself to relax here.

10. Windham Hill is a classically beautiful 21-room country house in the Green Mountains of southern Vermont on 160 acres of some of the most peaceful and restorative woodlands you will find. Like some of the other inns, it is perfect for a romantic getaway. Stroll the manicured lawns and gardens, play on the clay tennis court, swim in the heated luxury pool, ski or ice skate in winter, socialize over wine and cheese, take a private massage in your room, then enjoy a candlelit dinner prepared by the finest chefs.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why people often spend in the neighborhood of $100-200 for a hotel room when they could stay in many cozy, luxurious Bed & Breakfast inns for close to the same fee per night, especially in the off-season. Look into some of these inns I’ve recommended and choose one just for the heck o f it. My bet is you’ll be addicted from the moment you set foot in one of these gems.

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Decorate Your Bedroom Like a Bed & Breakfast Inn – 10 Tips

We all need a romantic getaway weekend now and then. Even if funds are tight and time is short, with a little ingenuity and creativity you can turn your own bedroom at home into a romantic and relaxing “Bed & Breakfast Inn” retreat for you and your mate.

10 Tips to get you started:

1. Clutter Cutter.

De-clutter your bedroom when you begin your fluff-up. Nothing kills romance faster than a pile of dusty magazines and techno paraphernalia.

2. Maid Brigade.

Next comes the dust rag and vacuum. Turn on some music and make it fun!

3. Sensuous Sheets.

Purchase some colorful new sheets in a pattern you love with a thread count of at least 300.

4. Divine Duvet.

Invest in a pretty new duvet cover or bedspread. It will freshen up the room instantly.

5. Pillow Pizzazz.

Some new pillows and pillowcases that coordinate with your sheets and duvet will add softness to your bed.

6. Flower Finesse.

Buy some fresh flowers and put them in a favorite vase.

7. Candle Cozy.

A few flickering candles will add instant romance to your new B&B bedroom.

8. Music Magic.

Now for some light jazz or classical music to set the tone for the evening.

9. TV Tune-out.

Unless you and your mate purposely choose to watch a funny or romantic movie together, turn the TV off.

10. Tray of Delights.

Bring in a beverage and cheese tray with some fresh fruit, dim the lights, and you’re on your way to a lovely and romantic stay in your very own Bed & Breakfast Inn bedroom. Enjoy!

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